GP Info

COVID-19 Letter to GPs


25 August 2021 

Dear Colleagues,

It is a busy time in medicine with the resurgence of COVID in our community. 

The Heart Group Cardiologists will be available to assist you during the lockdown either for telephone advice on our 0800 number (0800 222 411) or if you wish a Cardiologist to consult with your patients via Telehealth. 

Our secretaries, although working from home, are able to answer calls on 09 623 1020 and electronic referral systems remain open. 

During Level 4 we are unable to see patients face to face unless we have done a virtual consultation first and feel that it is appropriate to see the patient immediately rather than waiting until a lower risk time. Routine cardiac investigations will be deferred. As COVID levels fall we will be able to offer more extensive services again. Acutely unwell patients should be directed to the public system. 

Please keep safe and well over this time. 

With very best wishes,

The Heart Group team