Dr Tom Pasley


THG North Auckland Clinic

Dr Tom Pasley

I completed advanced cardiology training in Auckland, before receiving my fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. My subspecialty training included a cardiac transplantation fellowship (Auckland Hospital) and a fellowship at The Alfred Hospital (Melbourne), gaining expertise in advanced heart failure management, cardiac transplantation, pulmonary haemodynamics and catheterisation, and mechanical cardiac support.

I work as a cardiologist at Auckland City Hospital and consult at The Heart Group. I am also a senior lecturer, examiner and course director at the University of Auckland Medical School and have had previous roles with the Ministry of Health and Immunisation Advisory Centre. 

I am interested in general cardiology with a focus on ischaemic heart disease, valvular heart disease and heart failure. My sub-speciality interests are advanced heart failure, cardiac transplantation, pulmonary haemodynamics and mechanical cardiac support.


Please contact Tom's secretary, Maria
DDI: 09 638 6077
THG: 09 623 1020