Putting Patients First

Welcome. We are New Zealand’s largest group of heart health experts. Whatever the reason for your visit - you’ve come to the right place.

The Heart Group are here to support our patients during these difficult and stressful times with Covid lockdowns.

Whilst we are not running normal clinics, if you have a concern about your cardiac health please contact one of our secretaries on 09 623 1020 and we can organise a telephone or zoom consultation with a Cardiologist.

Covid Resources

This link to the Heart Foundation may be useful in answering questions about Heart Health and vaccinations: https://www.heartfoundation.org.nz/wellbeing/covid-19

For GPs, we held a webinar on the 9th September on Cardiology and Vaccinations. Click here to view

Meet our Cardiologists

We have a team of 32 cardiologists who work together and cover the full range of cardiology subspecialties. We are able to provide our patients with comprehensive cardiac care with high levels of care, skill and compassion.  

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