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Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound Scan (AAU)

The aorta is the main artery taking blood from the heart to the body. It can dilate (aneurysm) and rupture in its abdominal portion. Abdominal aortic ultrasound scans enable us to visualise the aorta, measure its dimensions and if indicated arrange intervention, either surgery or stenting, to prevent rupture. Aortic ultrasound is a quick, non-invasive technique for imaging the abdominal segment of the aorta. Part of the abdominal aortic scan also involves briefly imaging the kidneys.

The scan will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked to lie flat on our examination couch. A water-based gel is applied to the area being examined and an ultrasound probe is placed on the skin and gentle to medium pressure is applied to collect the images which are stored for later reporting. You must not eat for 3 hours before the scan but may drink water only please. If possible, please take a gentle 10 minute walk prior to your appointment. This will help reduce gas in the stomach making it easier to obtain images.

Our experienced sonographers do the scanning and will pass on the results to our Cardiologists for reporting. They in turn will send a report to you and your doctor with advice for management.

The cost of an abdominal aortic scan is covered by most insurance policies. Our secretaries will tell you if there is any charge to you at the time of booking.

Abdominal aortic ultrasound is available at our rooms in: 

  • The Heart Group; 1 Gilgit Rd, Epsom

For further information please phone The Heart Group 09 623 6377

We do our best to keep to scheduled appointment times. Please arrive on time for your appointment or your appointment may have to be rescheduled.