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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An ECG is a simple test to record the electrical activity in the heart. An ECG may be performed as a routine screening test or in people complaining of problems such as chest pain, palpitations, high blood pressure or shortness of breath. It can provide important information about the heart rhythm, a previous heart attack, thickness of the heart muscle, inadequate oxygen delivery to the heart, or problems with the conduction of electrical signals through the heart.

The nurse will attach 10 sticky labels to your chest to which wires are clipped. In order to achieve a good quality recording the nurse may need to shave a localised area of your chest and rub the skin with gentle sandpaper to remove the surface grease layer.

The ECG record will be printed and the stickers removed. The test takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Your cardiologist will then interpret the ECG. It is important to note that a normal ECG does not exclude heart disease, and further testing may be necessary.

The cost of an ECG is covered by most insurance policies.

ECGs are available at our rooms in:

  • The Heart Group; 1 Gilgit Rd, Epsom
  • Northern Clinic, Southern Cross Hospital; 212-232 Wairau Rd, Glenfield
  • Ormiston Hospital; 125 Ormiston Rd, Botany
  • EastMed Specialist Centre; 188 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers
  • Totara Health Services; 1 Macrae Way, New Lynn
  • Pukekohe Clinic; Pukekohe Family Health Centre, 10 West St, Pukekohe

For further information please phone The Heart Group 09 623 6377